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About UHPA

UHPA - Association of Croatian Travel Agencies  was founded in 1992 and since then it has been actively representing professional interests of its members. Today, thanks to its organization, continuity and scope of work, it is the leading professional association in Croatian tourism. Besides 227 active members providing travel agencies’ and tour operators’ services, UHPA also has 10 associated members from hospitality industry, transport, professional education and other institutions and associations related to tourism. Furthermore, the UHPA sign, as a sign of trust and quality, can be found in 456 offices of our members.

UHPA also represents the interests of its members at the international level as a regular member of ECTAA and associated member of UNWTO. After the successful two-year presidency of ECTAA, President of UHPA, Mr. Boris Žgomba, will continue as ECTAA's Vice-President for the next term. Apart from the European level, UHPA is very active in regional cooperation as well, above all with associations of travel agencies and tour operators in Slovenia, Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia. In projects financed by the European Commission, in the past couple of years UHPA has worked with various professional and other associations in Great Britain, Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Greece, Latvia, Bulgaria, Italy, Belgium and Montenegro. Based on reciprocal membership, UHPA takes care of special relationships with the most powerful European and non-European associations of travel agencies such as DVR, ANVR, SRF, ASTA and JATA.

As a voluntary professional association UHPA represents interests of its members and works closely with the Croatian Ministry of Tourism and Croatian National Tourist Board on various projects. These projects primarily aim to increase the number of organized visits and overnight stays in the pre and post-season, through development of the offer foreseen for the market of special interest and by encouraging the operation of destination management companies. In these projects, special attention is given to the sustainable business issues and to the improvement of the quality of operation of travel agencies through the introduction of quality management system according to the standard ISO 9001:2008. With this, the mission of UHPA - increasing the competitiveness of its members and contributing to the responsible development of Croatian tourism – is fulfilled.

Aware of the fact that professional and qualified staff is the basis of business quality of each travel agency and tour operator, UHPA is also very active in this field. As an employers' association UHPA negotiates with the Croatian Tourism and Service Trade Union about working conditions in travel agencies, and through its representatives in the Agency for Professional Education and Training it negotiates about development and improvement of professional education in the field of tourism, both in classic and electronic environment.

UHPA also has a very intensive cooperation with respected professional magazines and journals. For the area of tax, financial, accounting and legal business of travel agencies, professional articles are regularly published in a respected magazine RIF. In the same way, marketing and management problems of travel agencies are being reviewed in UT, the leading professional journal for tourism in Croatia. Together with the editorial office of a special magazine Way to Croatia, UHPA works promotion of Croatia’s natural heritage diversity through distribution of information to thousands of addresses worldwide, mostly to travel agencies and tour operators. However, for the second year in a row, twice a year UHPA publishes its own professional magazine with carefully selected professional articles foreseen for the employees of travel agencies. For them there is also a special manual with a variety of useful information and material, published by UHPA on the annual basis.

Associated members of UHPA are all the largest institutions for higher education that educate managers in tourism in Croatia, and the representatives of UHPA are members of all the examining boards for professional exams for travel agencies’ managers, tourist guides and tour escorts in Croatia. Moreover, UHPA is working intensively on various forms of non-formal education of employees in travel agencies, their regular briefing and the development of lifelong education program.

Equal importance is given to support of members in marketing activities, and not only for inbound activities. Apart from organisation of study tours, both for foreign agencies in Croatia and for domestic agencies abroad, UHPA actively encourages and coordinates the performances of its members on numerous workshops and fairs worldwide. The UHPA's mission is to direct the members towards business in accordance with principles of sustainable tourism, which increases their competitiveness and contributes to the responsible development of Croatian tourism.

The UHPA office, with its five employees and a larger number of external associates, is committed to fulfilling the objectives of the association. We believe that all our activities measurably affect both the quality of service offering and consequently the business success of our members. Therefore we invite you to choose with trust one of our active or associated members as your business partner in Croatia.