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Travel Agency ATLAS TROGIR is specialized Destination Management Agency in Trogir since 1987. Our offers are based on the complete handling in all Croatian resorts with accommodation in hotels, family apartments in old stone villas on Trogir Riviera, and other Dalmatian locations along Adriatic coast. We also organize excursions and tours for both group and individual travel with professional guides, transfers, rental and charter services, information and travel assistance, sailing boats, and bus or airline tickets.

    A look into history through the Čiovo shrines

    The cultural and historical heritage of the city of Trogir is very rich. Adding to the beautiful nature it is located in, this charming city is blessed with many gifts. Follow the old old roads of history, the culture of Trogir and the island of Čiovo, and discover the unbeleivable nature of central Dalmatia’s cultural heritage. Trogir is special for its sculpted stone, a beauty and value which led UNESCO to put Trogir’s historic center on its world heritage list.

    Grasp your lucky moment

    Do you have luck? And how important is it? Discover the charms of the city of Trogir searching the streets for Kairos, according to legend the God of the supreme moment, whose relief was found a hundred years ago in the attic of a palace in Trogir. Visit the convent of the Benedictine nuns, and the Kamerlengo tower which boasts a wonderful view of the Trogir waterfront.

    The traditional glow of Dalmatia

    If you want to become acquainted with Dalmatia in the real sense of this word, with the Mediterranean warmth of towns by the sea, but also the charms of little towns and the unspoiled scenery of its hinterlands, come away with us on a journey through beautiful landscapes and delightful towns. Visit the mills of Pantan, a unique combination of nature, history and a habitat to numerous bird species, fi sh and local plants, listed as a special ornithological-ichthyological reserve.

    By sea kayak through the Trogir archipelago

    The district of Trogir, with its numerous small islands, coves, beaches and cultural sights is exceptionally interesting. This is especially so when you are seeing all this natural, cultural, historical and gastronomic beauty in a unique and adventurous way - by paddling a sea kayak, a truly unforgettable experience.

    Dalmatia as a souvenir

    The Trogir region holds many beautiful things, and you can experience them in a unique way. Be on the move constantly and have fun going around historical, cultural, natural and recreational sites. See Trogir and the old mills of Pantan in an unusual way - paddling a sea kayak, a truly special experience, as is walking through the island of Ciovo using old roads walked upon by people for centuries.

    Following the roads of old laborers by bicycle

    The island of Čiovo is situated in the gulf of Kaštele just opposite the city of Trogir. It is a charming island with lots of coves and beaches and abundant tradition. Our journey begins in front of the Dominican monastery where the holy cross was discovered, given by the Prizidnica hermit as a votive present, two meters high and made out of olive tree, and carried on his own back.

    The history and adventure of the Cetina borders

    Dalmatian zagora - rich, mysterious and unknown. Discover and enjoy its beauty with us: the River Cetina, the Rudi tributary, the Grab stream and the Vodena peć cave. Visit the Grapian mills, some are as much as 600 years old, from which you can still buy fl our today. In the shadows of the trees, along with the babbling of the stream and the greenery of the river, you will enjoy well-known gastronomical delicacies originating from the region.



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