Maricom d.o.o.

Tourist agency Maricom Tourist Service operates within the Maricom d.o.o enterprise. Maricom d.o.o. was founded in 1992 and has been engaged in tourism activities as an incoming agency since 1994. The area of activity consists of private and hotel accommodation in town Pag and mediation in excursion sale. Our mission is to be a reliable tourist partner, understand our guests’ needs and offer them service they expect for the money invested. We are present in foreign markets and have many business partners all over Europe.

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    My photo holidays

    Miraculous moments or perfect nature details will invite your cameras to record them.

    Walk Your Way to Health on the Island of Pag

    If you’re a fan of leading a healthy lifestyle and walking, treat yourself to something new this year

    The Traditional Flavours of the Island of Pag

    The best way of getting acquainted with a group of people and understanding them is by getting acquainted with the way they produce, prepare and consume food in their region.

    Exercise in the Clean Air of the Island of Pag

    Why not do something for yourself this year? If you never exercise or exercise only indoors, this year make an exception. Leave your cold, grey city behind and come and exercise surrounded by the nature of the island of Pag.

    Wedding in Pag

    Since the 15th century, the Duke’s Palace has been located on the main town square in Pag. During the reign of the Venetian Republic, it was the seat of the Duke.

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ID Code:HR-AB-23-020015803
Address:S. Radića 2, 23250 Pag
Established:1992. .
Telephone:+385 23 612266
Fax:+385 23 611331