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Atlantis travel is a private travel agency established in 1992 and specialized in incoming accommodation and organizing leisure time for tourists in Croatia. We define our job through professionalism, based on outstanding knowledge of the subject, distinct information, and high demands in selecting staff for our agency. Atlantis travel provides travel services that include: accommodation, transfers and excursions, escorted coach tours with guaranteed departures, IATA conventions, incentives, events, cruise ships, tailor-made FIT programmes, and air tickets.

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    The rich wine story of the Zagreb ring

    If you are a wine lover and/or connoisseur or simply wish to know the wine, maybe learn a bit more and enjoy the magic of wine drinking and all the processes associated with the wine, you should not miss to visit Zagreb “green ring”.

    Secrets of the past embraced by the nature of Žumberak

    With their preserved nature, rich forests, meadows and pastures, mountains and plains, springs and streams, caves and archaeological and religious sites, Žumberak and Samobor Hills have attracted many climbers and hikers seeking their oasis of peace and beauty for decades.

    The splendor of Turopolje and Posavina customs

    Thanks to its noblemen, Turopolje has had administrative independence since the 13th century. Discover the stories of Turopolje, woven by centuries of turbulent history: the necktie, St. George’s Day and St. Lucia, as well as the old city of Lukavec.

    The riches of the wooden beauties of Turopolje

    Turopolje, one of the most picturesque Croatian regions was once covered by dense oak forests.

    Andautonia - the “Roman Zagreb”

    The wealth of Roman archaeological sites across Croatia is a priceless treasure waiting to be discovered and experienced by the inquisitive.

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