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KOMPAS.HR travel agency with branch offices in Zagreb, Split, Osijek, Rijeka, Karlovac, Čakovec and Šibenik deals with all types of tourist travel arrangements and affairs. Our main objective is the provision of high-quality services in all types of organized travel – for both individuals and groups. We book air tickets, hotel accommodation, vacations in Croatia and abroad, assist in visa procedures, organize visits to international exhibitions, fairs and conventions, provide professional advice and give recommendations.

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    The charms of Central Dalmatia

    The cultural mix of Central Europe and the Mediterranean gives Croatia a special flavor. Coastal mountains descend to the lush coastal strip, woven with palm trees and olive groves. Quiet bays, numerous islands and fishermen villages in stone allow you to feel like you are in pristine Europe.

    The other story of stone

    The story of stone on the island of Brač is well known: its life in the houses, streets, and bell towers, the story of its history and tradition, the continuity of masonry and again of the stone itself. However there is another story, of stone and the island of Brač as well, which is something different and more gentle.

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