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OMNIVIA provides first-class professional guidance in experiencing a wide variety of attractions that Dalmatia as a destination can offer. Its team of local experts have an extensive knowledge of the region and its specific qualities. Using our tailor-made programs, clients can fully realize their own travel vision, agencies can realize their own complete itineraries and companies can have business events that perfectly match their needs. OMNIVIA also owns two top-quality restaurants in Omiš, both attractively located in the River Cetina canyon.

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    „Klapa“ (traditional a cappella) singing course

    “Klapa is a circle, and its center is in Omiš”. That is why there is no place that will better introduce you to the world of “klapa” singing, which even the UNESCO has recognized and put on the list of intangible cultural heritage.

    Preparing the bread under „peka“ (under a bell-like lid)

    Over the centuries, the river Cetina cut a magnificent canyon on its way to the sea. With its thunderous roar, the river brought power to the mill wheels for centuries, finding then peace in the close contact with the sea.

    Pirates’ night in the canyon of the river Cetina

    Centuries-old pirate tradition has made Omiš a recognizable tourist pearl, situated in the heart of Dalmatia, between Split and the Riviera of Makarska.

    Cycling through the Dalmatian hinterland

    Dalmatian hinterland is a real treasury of cultural and historical heritage, traditional gastronomy, but above all of the natural beauties you will discover during this five-day adventure.

    In The Wake of Omiš Pirates

    On this tour, enjoyed by both young and old, in the wake of the Omiš pirates we discover where they hid their treasure. Not all pirates were searching for gold. The treasure was within reach for the Omiš pirates.

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