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Shuttle travel agency is founded in Split in 2004. Nothing is impossible to organize if we have enough time and the will to do so! Through our work we are focused on providing the best services; transportation, daily excursions, thematic tours and organizing different events all based on an individual approach. We have also been developing special culinary tours and classes to provide our clients and guests with the best of what Croatia has to offer in an effort to spread the word of Croatia as an amazing destination.

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    Dolce Vita

    Allow yourself to immerse in the magic of Dalmatia, exploring its beautiful pristine nature and rich tradition of the island of Brač and the Dalmatian hinterland.

    Become an Archaeologist in the Region of Zadar

    The region around Zadar safeguards historical artefacts that are many thousands years old. Many are not aware of the fact that rich archaeological finding sites are located within Telašćica Nature Park.

    The Ancient Heart of Dalmatia

    The Romans left numerous traces of their prolonged reign over Dalmatia. On the territory of what is now the village of Podgrađe near Benkovci, the once-magnificent town of ASSERIA is located.

    Ravni Kotari - Tradition at Your Fingertips

    Every region writes its own history and has its own specific customs, traditions, attractions and culture.

    Living Like our Ancestors

    It is a true pleasure to escape the breakneck speed of modern life and return to a simple way of living. Come with us and meet the traditional way of life of the island population and the people of Ravni kotari.

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