UHPA - Association of Croatian Travel Agencies was founded in 1992 and since then it has been actively representing professional interests of its members. Today, thanks to its organization, continuity and scope of work, it is the leading professional association in Croatian tourism. Besides 257 active members providing travel agencies’ and tour operators’ services, UHPA also has 160 associated members from hospitality industry, transport, professional education and other institutions and associations related to tourism. Furthermore, the UHPA sign, as a sign of trust and quality, can be found in 413 offices of our members UHPA also represents the interests of its members at the international level as a regular member of ECTAA and associated member of UNWTO. We are very proud that UHPA, even before Croatia became the full member of EU, took over the twoyear presidency of ECTAA. Mr. Boris Žgomba, the President of UHPA, is also the President of ECTAA, while the director of UHPA was elected for the position of the President of ECTAA’s Incoming Tourism Working Group for the mandate period from 2012 to 2014. UHPA representatives are also very active in the work of even three working groups i.e. ECTAA committees, but also in the work of the European Commission, where we have a representative in the ESCO referent group - Hospitality and Tourism.


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Address:Izidora Kršnjavoga 1/II, 10000 Zagreb
Established:1992. .
Telephone:01 2304992
Fax:01 2360655