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Ilijada is a destination management company based in Split. We specialize in food & wine tourism and cultural travel. Our company applies its tourism know-how in creating and implementing travel products, from classic accommodation, passenger transport and sightseeing with expert guidance, to more complex multi-day and multi-nation experiences. Our staff have been operating in the travel market since 1998.

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    Wine&Dine through the Central Dalmatia

    This trip is intended especially for the fans of wine and cuisine. During the six days that you will spend with us, we will leave an unforgettable impression on your taste buds!

    In The Footsteps of Diocletian

    Do you ever wonder how the emperor Diocletian, an excellent politician, and a lover of nature and gardening, spent his days? Follow in his footsteps and spend several days in the places he himself loved.

    In The Homeland of The World-Renowned Zinfandel Wine

    We can say, with absolute confidence, that Croatia is the homeland of the famous wine, Zinfandel. Under the conditions of the Mediterranean climate, characterized by short and mild winters, and long, warm summers with plenty of sunlight, wine varieties have been developed characterized by an ideal distribution of alcohol, acid, minerals, tannin, colour, proteins and vitamins.

    Wine Tasting in Central Dalmatia

    All wine enthusiasts are invited to join us in discovering the authentic wine varieties of Central Dalmatia such as Plavac mali, Crljenak, Kujunđuša, and Bogdanuša, among others. We will taste the local gold champagne.

    Grandma’s Zagora Recipes

    The traditional cuisine of the Dalmatian Zagora is based to this day on the old recipes of our grandmothers. Come with us and taste: kaštradina, soparnik, puževe na seljački (snails) and traditional Dalmatian bread and pršut.

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