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The Conference will bring together travel industry professionals and experts, business owners, government officials, representatives of tourist boards, scientists, researches, media representatives and many other stakeholders who will share good practice examples of special interest tourism products

The Conference aims to support innovation and sustainable development of special interest tourism products. During the Conference representatives of the tourist industry, eminent experts and speakers will discuss numerous current topics and changes affecting travel agencies, present new trends, ideas and good practice examples, exchange different experiences and views, as well as open a dialogue and foster cooperation in creating innovative models of development of sustainable special interest tourism products (adventure, cultural tourism, gourmet and school trip travel).

The Conference will also be a networking B2B event gathering over 70 delegates from 15 European countries.

The following topics presented by 22 speakers may be of special interest to you:

Special Interest Tourism Products in the German Outbound Travel Market

    Speaker: Juergen Buechy,The Travel Consulting Group

Adventure Tourism Development

   Speaker: Gergana Nikolova, ATTA Development Lead-Europe/Adventure NEXT~Balkans Director

Innovation for SIT – the Why, the Who and the How

   Speaker: Kirsi Hyvaerinen, PRÁTTO Consulting d.o.o., ITB Advisory

ATTA Guide Standards

   Speaker: Mr. Myles Farnbank, Wilderness Scotland Ltd

Sustainable Product Development

Innovation in Guiding

Accessible SIT

New Travel Package Directive

Food & Wine Storytelling

Advanced Facebook Advertising...and much more


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