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Travel agency specializied programmes presented in the special edition of Way to Croatia Magazine

The Discover Croatia with UHPA Specialists! project is the result of a cooperative effort between the Croatian National Tourist Board and the UHPA specialist travel agencies. 

The programmes were created with the intent of achieving greater user satisfaction and to build user trust, with diverse offers such as city tours, adrenaline adventures, acquainting with the history and the many spells of Croatia, sports activities, gastronomic delights and the like. The publication presents 46 programmes and 29 travel agencies in total, in both Croatian and English version.

''The specialization of agencies aslo allows for a better understanding and monitoring of customer needs, achieving greater satisfaction and trust of the customers - users, more efficient operation, increasing the productivity and profitability of the companies, improving internal communication and granting continous growth and development. The importance of the specialization of agencies has gained particular significance due to the Croatian accession to the European Union, as the requirements of the tourist market have since become more demanding.'', notes Boris Žgomba, UHPA president, in the foreword of the publication.

The result of a five year effort from the Association of Croatian Travel Agencies is 13 specializations and 51 specialized travel agencies, with each bound to a code of ethics and operating in compliance with special criteria which impose a system of managing quality according to the ISO 9001 standard, the Travelife engaged status, as well as doing business in accordance with all the requirements of a socially responsible operation. The programmes of agencies that have specialized their operations through the Association of Croatian Travel Agencies are presented according to fileds, areas and specific markets in this special edition of the Way to Croatia magazine.





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