Discover Zagreb County and the Diversity of the Zagreb Green Ring


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Discover why Zagreb County is an ideal destination for every taste

In a joint effort of travel agencies, the Zagreb County Tourist Board and the Association of Croatian Travel Agencies, and with the support of the Croatian National Tourist Board, a special edition of the Way to Croatia magazine has been put together, showcasing the rich tourist offers of the Zagreb County - also known as the Zagreb Green Ring.

The publication contains 42 programmes, divided into three different categories:  ''Culture, history, tradition''''An active vacation, interaction and experience''  and ''Oenological and gastronomic experience'' with 12 different travel agencies. 

Encircling the Croatian capital, the Zagreb County has managed to bring together contemporary architecture and preserve traditional folk customs and values. The tourist offers of the County are diverse, with countless monuments as reminders of the rich past, numerous hiking, walking and cycling trails, mountain lodges, over 40 resorts and family owned agricultural households and three wine routes. Among other sites, there is also the recently renewed mine of St. Barbara in Rude with a mining-botanical educational trail, and the Grgoš Cave (protected geomorphological nature monument) in the village of Otruševec. 

''We are pleased that the attractiveness of the Zagreb County has been recognized by travel agencies, key factors in the creation of of the original product, since cooperation with them is extremely important in terms of better positioning, better promotion of the tourist offers and tourism sector strengthening.'', says Ružica Rašperić, the director of the Zagreb County Tourist Board in the foreword of the special edition Way to Croatia magazine. 

With its exceptional gastronomic, oenological, cultural and sports-recreational tourist offer, Zagreb County is an ideal destination for every taste. 




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