EU projects: First Travelife certified agency in Croatia


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Education i certification has been conducted as a part of a sustainable business project financed by the European Union resources hence bringing Croatia to its first agency that holds the Travelife certificate, recognised by the leading world tour operators such as TUI and Thomas Cook.

From the 24th to the 26th of March, the Association of Croatian Travel Agencies (UHPA) has organised in Zagreb an international Travelife seminar for consultants and auditors arriving from eight countries. At the seminar, PerfectMeetings.hr, Croatian tourist agencies received Travelife Partner certificate as the first and only travel agency in Croatia that holds the mentioned certificate. „The award is very meaningful to us for it is the confirmation of our efforts to do business responsibly towards the environment and the community”, said the agency's director Ranko Filipović.

"We are happy that Croatia, as one of the leading tourist destinations has its first agency that holds the Travelife Partner certificate which will further strengthen Croatia's image as a destination that seriously approaches the sustainable development of tourism. We are continuing the cooperation with UHPA and can expect more certificates”, stated, during the award handover to the agency PerfectMeetings.hr, Naut Kusters, director of the European Centre for Ecological and Agricultural Tourism (ECEAT) that manages Travelife for tourist agencies.  

 „Agency PerfectMeetings.hr, UHPA since 2011,by its awarded certificate shows honouring the high standard of socially respectable management in tourism to which we focus and encourage all members and business partners”, commented on the first certificate UHPA's director Željko Trezner. Thus UHPA, he added, implements programs of corporate social responsibility such as the mentioned project and certification from Travelife  to which the tourist agencies and hotels can still apply.  


On the PerfectMeetings.hr agency

PerfectMeetings.hr  is a company specialized for organisation of congresses and meetings, motivational trips, corporate events and special traveling with its headquarters in Zagreb. It organises various kinds of events, from smaller scale higher management meetings to congresses with over thousand participants in Croatia and its neighbouring countries.


On Travelife project

Travelife is the leading initiative for training, management and certification for tourism companies committed to reach sustainability. The initiative in Croatia is led by UHPA as a part of the project financed through EU Lifelong Learning Programme, Ministry of Tourism and Government's Office for Cooperation with NGOs.  „Corporate Social Responsibility Training and Certification in the Travel Sector – CSR TOUR“ is a two year project in which, along with Croatia, participate tourist associations from Netherlands, Great Britain, Poland, Latvia and Greece. Travelife has been recognised by the European Commission as a recommended system of certifying Corporate Social Responsibility for tourist agencies and is applied in over 25 countries worldwide. The system is used by the world's tour operators such as Thomasa Cooka, TUI-a and Kuonia, however it is still applicable in smaller agencies.

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