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tipTravel magazine, in its new issue, brings experiences and stories from Croatian and world destinations, it's taking you to concerts, festivals, and performances throughout Croatia...

Endless fields of sunflowers, "the Croatian Amazon", the oldest city in Europe, a world-class museums, superb wines, harvest traditions... A story from the far east of Croatia, Vukovar-Srijem County, is the main topic of the new issue of tipTravel magazine, digital travel and tourism magazine. The new issue also leads you to medieval coastal town of Kastav, a Baroque city of Varaždin, and bring you stories on Jastrebarsko, Vrbovec, and Križ, three cities of Zagreb County, which is UHPA domestic destination of the year 2014/2015. Daruvar, Zagreb and Croatian Zagorje, with their many events, are also some of the topics.

The magazine brings experiences of a passionate surfer for whom surfing is much more than a sport, and from foreign destinations is taking you to Bangladesh, a country still unexplored by tourists. You can have a look at the short award-winning film about this incredible country (pg. 133). Salzburg, the Austrian city that is more than just Mozart, is also presented from the "first-hand experience", and you can read an interview with Dražen Gečević, Secretary General of the Croatian Youth Hostel Association (CYHA).
The magazine is taking you to concerts, festivals, and performances throughout Croatia in August and September, brings tickets for the unique Dinner in the Sky® event, that is coming to Split in August, and a 10 percent discount for all the packages to this spectacular event.
More info at: www.tiptravelmagazine.com

tipTravel magazine is digital magazine on travel and tourism, aimed at the promotion of Croatian destinations, tourist offer, products, potential, and brands. For greater availability and in line with global trends in tourism, the magazine is online, published in both English and Croatian versions, available to all readers free of charge, and issued every two months. It is available on the issuu.com platform, as well as on the iOS application, Apple's newsstand for digital publications, where iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch device users can download the magazine in both languages, with additional interactive features and an ever better quality reading experience.

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