Hallo bike: The only bike rental service on delivery in Zagreb

Hallo bike d.o.o.

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A new attraction for tourists

Hallo bike is a family business offering services of bike rental on delivery. Which means that people just tell us where and when they would like a bike, and we bring it to them (usually at their hostel/hotel). Delivery is free, prices are very affordable (among the cheapest in Zagreb): 6,5€ for 5 hours, 10€ for 24 hours.

So far, people who've rented our bikes are really satisfied with our service and also enthusiastic about our business's idea.  As this young woman from Romania who wrote a very nice article about us on her blog here.

Hallo bike strated its activity in June 2014 and even though the summer was really rainy, we are very statisfied with the outcomes of our first season : we are collaborating with a great number of Zagreb's hostels and hotels as well as with some touristic agencies, the touristic board of Zagreb and others... 

Hallo bike proposes different types of bikes, male or female, for the city or the countryside. We also have children bikes and a seat for toddler to enjoy a ride on their parent's bike ! Altogether, we have 30 bicycles which allows us not only to deliver bikes to individulas but also to work with groups.

Hallo bike offers also the possibility to rent an electric bike or to go for a guided tours of Zagreb city. 

To sum up: Hallo bike offers a new attraction to tourists visiting Zagreb by giving them the opportunity to ride a bike without hassle !

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