International Conference „Innovation and Sustainable Development of Special Interest Tourism Products“


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The International Conference „Innovation and Sustainable Development of Special Interest Tourism Products“ which was held from 5 to 6 April 2016 in Zagreb, Croatia has been heralded a great success

The Conference was organized by the Association of Croatian Travel Agencies (UHPA) with financial support from CEI – Central European Initiative, the Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Croatia and the Zagreb Tourist Board. The Conference brought together 141 delegates from 15 nations.

During the Conference 23 speakers - representatives of the tourist industry, eminent experts and speakers - have discussed numerous topics related to innovative models of development of sustainable special interest tourism products. Two days forum allowed all participants to get insight into new trends, ideas and good practice examples, exchange different experiences and views, build relationships with likeminded industry professionals as well as discuss global changes affecting travel agency business.

Ms. Špela Vodovc, from Cook Eat Slovenia said “The conference was well-organized with very interesting topic. For me the conference was also a great opportunity to network and establish new business relationships.” 

Mr. Ivan Nišlić who participated from Serbia (Tourist Organisation Smederevo) said “Organization of the conference was impeccable. Lecturers at the conference were well selected and definitely had a spectra of great ideas to share with the participants. Sharing of ideas and sharing of good practices is one of the most important things in the tourist industry, and this conference was a fertile ground for great ideas and opinion exchange. Some of the conferences that I have attended in the past were purely theoretical, this conference on the contrary had a good bland of theory and practice. Looking forward to the next Association of Croatian tourist agencies conference.”

Mr. Juergen Buechy from The Travel Consulting Group (Germany) said "It was a great honour and pleasure for me to be invited to speak at this conference. Besides trying to shed some light on possibilities to improve Croatia's position in the German tourism market I especially enjoyed the opportunity to learn about actual developments and projects in the touristic world of the region” and continued “I was impressed by the professionalism of the organization and the presentations and could use the networking part to establish some very promising business contacts. Attending this conference was well worth the time!"

Ms. Kirsi Hyvaerinen, PRÁTTO Consulting d.o.o. said Congratulations to the UHPA team for the very well and smoothly organised conference – important topics; excellent bunch of professionals together. This deserves continuity with your association as a facilitating centre of knowledge transfer and innovation!

Ms. Iva Silla (SecretZagreb) who participated from Croatia said I went home with so many useful tips and eye-opening thoughts shared by motivated speakers. I met inspiring people and hopefully, interesting new partners. I also carried back home a unique experience of a visit to the greatest Croatian folk dance ensemble Lado, followed by a fun dance lesson. Just when I thought the event can't get any better, this special addition to the conference programme turned out to be the highlight of the two days! All I can say to the organizers: Well done! I'm looking forward to your future events.

Mr. Paul Bradbury, owner and editor of Total Croatia News said “This is the first conference of this kind I have been asked to speak at. I genuinely could not have found a better platform to launch Total Croatia Cycling (www.total-croatia-cycling.com). Within two hours, I had pledges of enough money to hire a full-time employee for a year. But more than that, the networking opportunities, both nationally and internationally, far exceeded my expectations. Really good energy from start to finish. Thank you!“

“First time to an event organised by UHPA and thanks for inviting me as a speaker. The conference, being organised on a very specific and trendy topics brought me into a new business environment: very active, positive and on top of that, extremely focused on succeeding to change the image of the country from a pure summer destination to a multifaceted travel destination. I was really interested in getting touch with colleagues from Eastern side of Mediterranean area and the contacts I got, confirmed the success of the entire event. Personally I experienced the vibrant need to discover new working relations and exchange different  points of view”, said Ms. Arianna La Rossa, owner and director of  Sensational Italy (Italy).

Mr. Stephen Spencer, Stephen Spencer & Associates (UK) said "The conference was extremely well-organised, with a relaxed atmosphere which always enables the most productive networking and relationship building. The conference programme contained a wide range of inspiring and informative presentations and as such it compares very favourably with other conferences across the sector. In the challenging world we operate in today, personal interactions, shared learning experiences and the possibility to build meaningful business relationships are more vital than ever. The UHPA ID SIT Conference provided all of this in equal measure. I congratulate Ivica and his team and look forward to future conferences from the UHPA."


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