Kultur-nik Travel: “Travelife – opportunity for upgrade not to be missed!”


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We present a series of interviews with employees of our agencies that have decided to join Travelife for Tour Operators and Travel Agencies, the global initiative for sustainable tourism. The first of many more to come is an interview with Duška Župan, head of the agency Kultur-nik travel from Zagreb, Croatia.

Duška Župan, has been working in tourism for a long time and is familiar with all aspects of tourism business. Currently, she is Manager of the agency Kultur-nik Travel that has recently joined the Travelife programme. Duška has passed the Travelife online sustainability exam and has become one of the 14 employees of UHPA’s agencies that have a personal certificate "Travelife Sustainability Manager". "We tend to be the agency that leads in the development of specialized programs and thereby promote the cultural and natural heritage of Croatia" Duška says and she explains why Travelife is “an opportunity not to be missed.”

Why did you decide to join the Travelife programme?

Travelife with its philosophy and approach in creating tourism products, opens new niches in business, thus offers an opportunity for creation of new, customized forms of tours, while taking care of the environment and preservation of natural and cultural heritage in a socially responsible manner.

With which products / programs or business management do you already promote Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)?

Our tours are designed for small groups of tourists, mostly interested in continental parts of Croatian and neighbouring countries. We offer them tours such as hiking on Velebit and Paklenica mountain, Cave exploration in Lika, combination of visit to summit Snježnik and river Mrežnica.

What are your plans or methods to further improve  your CSR?

Additional specialization of employees for CSR, communication and exchange of experience with other agencies which is available within the Travelife programme, and promotion to companies that are interested in implementation in their own business. Moreover, further planning and creation of programmes that promote sustainable tourism in Croatian and neighbouring countries.

How will CSR certification enrich your business management?

We hope that obtaining a Travelife Award will open opportunities for collaboration with other agencies of the European Union that want to offer tours designed in line with Travelife standards. Furthermore, through training and selection of suppliers we will clearly define our network of suppliers and common goals, which will facilitate the development of quality programs.


This initiative is a part of CSR TOUR project:

Travelife and national travel and tourism associations from Croatia, Greece, Poland and Latvia have come together within the project “Corporate Social Responsibility Training and certification in the Travel sector (CSR TOUR)” to produce a set of nationally adapted and tested CSR training materials and standards for tour operators, travel agencies, hotels and Vocational Educational Training institutes.

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