Photo gallery: UHPA Board Elections


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Electoral Assembly of the Association of Croatian Travel Agencies was held on Tuesday to elect new members of the Management and Supervisory Board, as well as to elect the President of UHPA

At the Electoral Assembly, Boris Žgomba (Uniline) was re-elected for a second four-year term as the president of UHPA, with a majority of votes cast. Opposing candidates for the same position were Vladislav Šestan (Atlas) and Pavle Marković (Ban Tours).

Boris Žgomba has spent his entire working life in tourism. He is the president of the Management Board of the company Uniline, which he founded in 1996 as the incoming tour operator for Croatia. Žgobma actively participates in tourism-related events in the country and abroad. Aside from being the president of the European Travel Agents & Tour Operators Association (ECTAA), he was elected for the president of the Association of Croatian Travel Agencies in 2009, prior to which he was a member of its Management Board. Furthermore, Žgomba is also a member of the Council of the Croatian Tourist Board, County of Istria and City of Pula tourist councils, as well as the member of the Chamber of Economy of the City of Pula.

Members of the Management Board were elected as follows: Michele Bassanese (Plavo More) as a representative of the Istrian county; Ljiljana Domijan-Pirjak (Jadranagent) as a representative of the Kvarner region; Zlatko Škunca (Sunturist) of the Northern Dalmatia, Jurica Glavina (Eklata) of the Central Dalmatia and Boro Aleksić(Elite Travel) of the Southern Dalmatia. Suzana Kovačević (Kompas Zagreb) and Vesna Pritchard (Globtour Event) were elected as representatives of the continental Croatia. Goran Hrnić (Gulliver Travel) entered the Management Board as a representative of active member group with a majority of the votes cast and Euro Juričić (Atlas Rabac) as a representative of active member group with a minority of the votes cast.

Gordana Marion (Autotrans) and Ana Predovan-Brkarić (Travelana) were elected as members of the Supervisory Board.

It is worth noting that the members of UHPA make most of the organized tourist traffic in Croatia. The association currently gathers 154 associated members and 248 active members, namely tourist agencies with 498 offices and more than two thousand employees in tourism.

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