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We present a series of interviews with employees of our agencies that have decided to join Travelife for Tour Operators and Travel Agencies, the global initiative for sustainable tourism. After conversation to Duška Župan, we bring you the interview with Maja Brkljačić from RB Travel agencies and few practical tips

UHPA member, RB Travel joined the Travelife initiative along with other 33 travel agencies. The combination of family business management and promotion of trends in tourism has led the agency towards certification for sustainable travel management. Maja Brkljačić, Branch Office Manager of Travel RB, passed the sustainability test and has become one of the few Travelife Sustainability Managers in Croatia. In her interview for uhpa.hr, Maja highlighted some practical advice for more sustainable management. 

Why did you decide to join the Travelife programme?

To discover a destination and its magic is the main ingredient of each trip. As a responsible organizer of tours we are bound permanently to invest in knowledge on sustainable tourism and corporate social responsibility (CSR).

What are your elements of CSR?

When possible we tend to integrate the authenticity into our offer so we often choose accommodation in family-run hotels. Clients highly appreciate the effort to turn to sustainable business management outside of congested and noisy centres. Our responsibility in business also reflects in our human resources management. Apart from basic employee’s rights guaranteed by law, we offer them additional possibilities: choice when and how to use annual leave, flexible daily break, and the possibility to reduce and have flexible working hours for new parents. Within the office we promote  'classical eco-friendliness' , for example, switching off all energy  consumers after working hours, use a duplex printer, recycle, use porcelain cups and glasses instead of plastic, etc.

What are your plans or methods to further improve your CSR?

In addition to the training of all employees in the Travelife programme we will give significant advantages to suppliers who meet with sustainability regulations. We will inform travellers about best practices and sustainable behaviour in tourism. Our goal is to print promotional materials on environmentally friendly paper, and to gradually replace all our office devices with equipment that meets with ecological standards.

How will CSR certification enrich your business management?

We believe that with certification we will get quality, new knowledge and professional guidance. It will facilitate our initial aim of CSR and ensure a stronger effect in transmission of the importance of CSR to our suppliers and clients. 


This initiative is a part of CSR TOUR project:

Travelife and national travel and tourism associations from Croatia, Greece, Poland and Latvia have come together within the project “Corporate Social Responsibility Training and certification in the Travel sector (CSR TOUR)” to produce a set of nationally adapted and tested CSR training materials and standards for tour operators, travel agencies, hotels and Vocational Educational Training institutes.

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