Rijeka Launches Video Campaign for European Capital of Culture Bid


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The international premiere of the promotional video was held at ITB in Berlin

Rijeka's new promotional video was premiered at the Art Cinema, where the Rijeka Tourist Board, the Croatian National Tourist Board and the TD Rijeka 2020 Ltd.  presented their joint efforts on the subject of Rijeka's bid for the title of European Capital of Culture. Renowned Croatian film maker Dalibor Matanic and the production company Filmerija Ltd. take credit for the production of the video. 

Dalibor Matanić, together with producer Sanjina Staničić and screenwriter Magdalena Lupi Alvir, presented the video, talking about their ideas behind the recording and the numerous city locations that became "movie centers" during the project's realization. Scriptwriter Magdalena Lupi Alvir pointed out that the whole idea for the promotional video was to combine a number of different city locations with the city's well-known characteristics to depict the city's image.

Director Peter Škarpa thanked all of the participating partners on the realization of the project, and he gave special thanks to the Croatian National Tourist Board and it's director, Kristjan Staničić, who made the call to co-finance the implementation of such a demanding project.

Kristjan Staničić congratulated the whole team on their creative efforts and stressed that is has a high artistic value and most importantly - it raises emotion. He also underlined mayor Obersnel's statement about furthering their cooperation in the upcoming period for the promotion of Rijeka as the European Capital of Culture.

The international premiere of the promotional video took place at the world's largest tourism fair, the ITB trade fair in Berlin.

The promotional video can be found here.
Source and Photo: Rijeka Tourist Board


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