The Second Networking Workshop Held in Montenegro


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The second networking workshop within the "Open up a border for adventure and new travel opportunities" project was held for representatives of the public, private and civil sectors on October 27th and 28th in Montenegro.

15 representatives from the private sector and 12 from the civil sector attended the two-day workshop. Nives Ivelja (Association 'Mi' – Split) and Sanda Rakočević (Association ADP – ZID) held an interactive presentation on ‘The Role of Civil Organisations in Voluntourism Programs’ which served to acquaint the participants with the meaning of volunteering and its significance for the community and society in general, as well as to inform them about who exactly can carry out volunteering activities and what they entail.  

Romana Lekić, a professor from the VERN' University of Applied Sciences, gave a presentation about 'Volunteering as an Experiential Product in the New Era of Tourism', highlighting voluntourism as a viable alternative to massive tourism - the difference being the depth and experience gained in the former.

Tea Golja, a professor from the University of Pula, talked about 'The Development of a Destination and Cross-sector Cooperation', explaining that museums don't define a certain culture, but the people with their local identities do.  

The participants worked on analyzing a number of destinations that could organise voluntourism programs, noting that significant effort needed to be made to educate the local population, to expand the gastronomic offers, to spatially adapt areas for better accessibility for the disabled and to invest in accommodation units. The returns on these investments could in part go to the local communities, and the voluntourists themselves would contribute to the revival of the destination.

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