Voluntourism: Coordination Meeting Held


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The first partner meeting for the "Open up a border for adventure and new travel opportunities" project, implemented under the EU program on cross-border IPA component II, the Program on Cross-Border Cooperation Croatia – Montenegro, was held in Dubrovnik on June 17th 2016

The partners adopted a common set of documents at the meeting, enabling clearer tracking of project activities, and easing project reporting. An agreement on activities for the forecoming period was achieved and a review of the innovative components of the project was made. The project has garnered great interest from the media and the local community both of whom have recognized its value.
The project will be carried out in the next 18 months in the Dubrovnik county and the coastal area of Montenegro. It is intended primarily for representatives of the non-profit sector and stakeholders of the tourism sector. Its central theme is developing specific interest tourism offers with common voluntourism projects.
Voluntourism as an innovative effort in the community targets tourists interested in active vacationing and getting to know a destination through direct social contact and participation in socially responsible programs. It can serve as a foundation to developing tourism products which will contribute to the attractiveness of cross-border areas in Croatia and Montenegro.
As the dominant economic activity of the coastal area of Croatia and Montenegro, tourism can boost the development of sustainability practices through innovative and ecologically sustainable tourism products which can in turn contribute to improving the cooperation between the profit, public and non-profit sectors in creating new concepts of vacationing and travel. They can help develop new volunteer activities for a region rich in tradition, natural attractions and preserved environmental sites. Voluntourism leads to positive outcomes which meet the needs of visitors, the industry, the community and the environment, while the project itself supports the socially marginalised, involving them in voluntourism projects which utilise the motivation and energy of volunteering in developing a common cross-border tourism area.
The "Open up a border for adventure and new travel opportunities" project foresees a number of different promotional voluntourism activities, linking stakehlders from different sectors and stregthening their capacities for developing new programs which are based on social entrepreneurship. 
The project is being implemented under the EU program on cross-border IPA component II, the Program on Cross-Border Cooperation Croatia – Montenegro 2012-2013.
The project is managed by the EU Delegation in Montenegro and the Agency for Regional Development of the Republic of Croatia, implemented in cooperation with: Association "MI" - Split, the Association for Civil Society Development “Bonsai”, the Association of Croatian Travel Agencies from Croatia, the Association for Democratic Prosperity "ZID" and the Municipality of Herceg Novi from Montenegro. The total value of the project is 2.212.251,75 kuna.

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