Zagreb Ranked As Top European Destination for 2017.


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Zagreb ranked no. 1 among ten other European cities, as the most exciting yet undiscovered destination absolutely worth visiting

Lonely Planet, the world's largest and most prestigious tour guide publisher, ranked Croatia's capital no. 1 most desirable, exciting, undiscovered destination - a must visit city. 

They compiled their hotlist of European destinations, all offering something new, exciting or undiscovered that make them worth exploring right now and Zagreb won the top spot.

The experts at Lonely Planet explained that Zagreb more often than not exists in the shadow of more prominent, coastal destinations. Undeservingly - because Zagreb should be explored. They see the city as simultaneously cosmopolitan and alternative, pointing out its accessibility with more connections, a new airport and affordable prices. 

They also made a point of Zagreb's sunny, Austro-Hungarian town-squares full of people, its architechture, street art and urban reconstruction. 

Gotland in Sweden was second on the top 10 list, Spain's Galicia third, northern Montenegro fourth and Leeds, UK as fifth. These contenders are followed by Portugal's Alentejo, nothern Germany, Pafos on Cyprus and Le Havre in France.

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Source: Business IN and HINA

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