In The Footsteps of Diocletian

Published 13.11.2015

Članak je uspješno poslan na upisanu adresu.

Greška prilikom slanja, molimo pokušajte ponovo.

Do you ever wonder how the emperor Diocletian, an excellent politician, and a lover of nature and gardening, spent his days? Follow in his footsteps and spend several days in the places he himself loved.

Try the delicacies he ate and taste the wines he drank in his palace while resting from the arduous tasks of running the state. Discover the charms of Diocletian’s period by walking in the streets he walked in, observing the beautiful Roman attractions of Split. Enjoy what he enjoyed: Diocletian’s Palace in Split, the islands of Brač and Šolta, and ancient Salona. Visit the stonemasonry workshop and for a moment feel once more the spirit of ancient Rome. Listen to the sound of hammer on stone. If you listen carefully, you will hear why the stone from the island of Brač brings good luck.

Main activities / attractions : places linked to Emperor Diocletian; visit the historical attractions of the city of Split and the town of Salona, the islands of Brač and Šolta; take part in a stonemasonry workshop, try traditional dishes and excellent local wines

4-day tour packages are available. The programme of activities includes: Day 1: Split, Day 2: Šolta; Day 3: the island of Brač; Day 4: Solin. The package can be booked throughout the whole year for groups of 2 persons. In every programme, in addition to the mentioned attractions, accommodation is organized in 2, 3 or 4 star residences (as requested by the guests) including breakfast, lunch and dinner, transport. Optional town guides and escorts during the trip. Tour guides are available in English, German, Italian, French, Croatian and Polish languages, and in other languages on request. All information is of a general character and is not binding; therefore, a request for a final offer is required. Photography: Marko Bulić

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Published 13.11.2015

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