Wine List of the Zadar Region

Published 27.01.2016

Članak je uspješno poslan na upisanu adresu.

Greška prilikom slanja, molimo pokušajte ponovo.

Experience the Zadar hinterland in a special way. Combining the beauty of cultural-historical traditions with wine-making traditions will awaken all your senses.

Visit one of the most important Illyrian and later Roman settlements in northern Dalmatia - the majestic Asseria, whose remains can be still found near the Benkovac hinterland. It holds the traces of Roman architectural achievements, but also keeps its winemaking tradition which you can experience by touring vineyards and sampling exquisite wines in four established wineries. This region also boasts diverse natural beauty. Visit Vransko Lake Nature Reserve, where apart by park rangers you will be met by the symphony of birdsong. Treat yourself with an unforgettable tour of the cultural heritage of the Zadar region and sample famous wines, organically grown with a lot of attention and dedicated work.


Main activities / attractions : tour of Asseria in the vicinity of the village of Podgrađe near the town of Benkovci; tour of four wineries with wine sampling; visit to Miškovića Han in Vrana, a reconstructed inn from the Ottoman period; tour of Vransko Lake Nature Reserve

One-day to four-day packages are available. An approximate program for a three-day package includes: Day 1: visit to Asseria and one of the wineries; Day 2: tour of two wineries; Day 3: visit to Miškovića Han and the fourth winery; Day 4: tour of Vransko Lake Nature Reserve. The package is available from April to October (or during the entire year with minor adjustments) for groups of 2-20 people. Accommodation is in three-star or four-star hotels and private apartments, while transport is organized by us for groups of all sizes. Expert guides are available in English, German, Italian, French, Spanish and Croatian (also other languages by request). All listed information is estimated and non-binding so please contact us to finalize the offer.

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Published 27.01.2016

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