Walk Your Way to Health on the Island of Pag

Published 03.03.2016

Članak je uspješno poslan na upisanu adresu.

Greška prilikom slanja, molimo pokušajte ponovo.

If you’re a fan of leading a healthy lifestyle and walking, treat yourself to something new this year

Leave the cold, grey city behind you and come to enjoy a walk in the nature of the island of Pag. Make use of the balmy temperatures, the clean air and the beauty of this island. Experience how challenging and motivating
walking through the landscapes of Pag can be. The walks will be adapted to your abilities, and you will feel much more alive and satisfied thanks to the air cleansed by the Pag bora winds and
a completely different environment from the one you are used to. You will have a view of the magnificent blue sea, beaches, pastures and drywalls, listen to the sound of the wind and waves, smell aromatic plants and be caressed by the warm rays of the sun. Even the rainy and windy days will be just another challenge within your training programme! At the end of each leg, you’ll be rewarded with a tasting of local products. You’re bound to get the wish to stay on this island forever!


Main activities / attractions : walks on pre-defined trails; correct breathing; view of the island from the viewpoint; refreshment with local products; advice on how to walk correctly

Packages can be organised for a length for five or more days. The programme outline for a five-day package encompasses: Day 1 - Day 5: tour of the town of Pag and surrounding villages on the island. The walks are adapted to the wishes and abilities of the group, and are created by an experienced fitness instructor. The package can be realised in the period between September and late November and between March and late June for individuals and groups between 2 and 50. Three-star private accommodation and accommodation in three- or four-star hotels is available, while transport on the island is possible with own transport or with a van or bus organised by us. Expert-guided tours can be organised in Croatian, English, Italian, German or Russian. All the information provided above represents a non-binding draft version, so feel free to contact us regarding the creation of a final offer. Photography: TB Pag; Camping Šimuni; I.Suljić

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Published 03.03.2016

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