Music of Dvigrad Festival

Published 25.01.2017

Članak je uspješno poslan na upisanu adresu.

Greška prilikom slanja, molimo pokušajte ponovo.

On one of the main routes from the sea to the interior of Istria, above Limska draga, there is a small, exciting and beautiful, uninhabited (ghost) city not destroyed by military force, but abandoned to undergo his dying alone.

As the most important cultural and archeological monument of the Kanfanar region, the proud ruins are watching the visitors who had come as guests to the Dvigrad Festival to find out how the Istrian medieval cities once looked like. Besides the well-hidden secrets, Dvigrad puts the audience from around the world twice a year under its spell thanks to the unique concerts of early medieval music in a magical atmosphere. Attending the concerts, music workshops and evenings under the stars with old Istrian and Kanfanar delicacies, accompanied by court jesters, fire eaters, jugglers and music of the harp will give you an unforgettable pleasure.


Main activities / attractions : attending the Dvigrad Festival of medieval music, music workshops, special dinners with old-fashioned specialties in the magical atmosphere of Dvigrad, accompanied by the Dvigrad castle characters and music of the harp

Tourist packages range from two to four days. The basic activities program for a four-day package includes: Day 1: accommodation and info-meeting; Day 2: discovering Dvigrad, music workshops, socializing with music students and professors, concert; Day 3: Limska Draga and Limski channel, music workshops, concert workshops, evenings under the stars; Day 4: departure. The packages are available in June and September for groups of one to 20 and more persons. The accommodation is available in accommodation facilities with three, four or five stars. Transfer individual or by van or bus. Professional guides available in Croatian, Italian, English, German or French language. Other languages available on request. The information contained herein is indicative and non-binding. Please contact us for the final quote. Photograpy: D. Meden; TO Kanfanar

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Published 25.01.2017

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