Preparing the bread under „peka“ (under a bell-like lid)

Published 25.01.2017

Članak je uspješno poslan na upisanu adresu.

Greška prilikom slanja, molimo pokušajte ponovo.

Over the centuries, the river Cetina cut a magnificent canyon on its way to the sea. With its thunderous roar, the river brought power to the mill wheels for centuries, finding then peace in the close contact with the sea.

In this combination of rapids and calm flow, the first mills appeared already in the 17th and 18th century, experiencing their true boom in the mid-19th century. Nowadays Radmanove mlinice (Radman’s Mills) are set up as a restaurant and excursion site in which one can feel the rustic spirit of past times in the freshness of the crowns of tall trees, peaceful atmosphere of stone mill wheels and the sundial and the lazy trouts in the pond. Culinary workshops on preparing the bread under “peka” takes place in the original conditions, according to the recipes inherited from our ancestors, in the fireplace with a crackling fire and the smell of smoke. A hostess will mentor and teach each guest about all the little secrets of preparation that will remain deeply etched in the memory.

Main activities / attractions : culinary workshop on preparation of bread under “peka” in the canyon of the river Cetina; culinary heritage and traditional preparation under the mentorship of a hostess; mills from the 19th century, today a restaurant with countryside spirit of past times

Tourist packages range from one to three days. The basic activities program for a three-day package includes: Day 1: arrival to Omiš, sightseeing of Omiš under expert city guide, boat ride down the canyon of the river Cetina; Day 2: culinary workshop on bread baking under „peka“ (iron bell) in the restaurant – excursion site Radmanove mlinice, sightseeing of Radmanove mlinice, traditional lunch; Day 3: departure. The packages are available from April until November for groups of two to 50 persons. The accommodation is available in a hotel with three, four or five stars or in private accommodation. Transfer can be arranged by the agency. Professional guides available in Croatian or English language. Other languages available on request. The information contained herein is indicative and non-binding. Please contact us for the final quote. Photograpy: Radmanove mlinice - Kaštil Slanica

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Published 25.01.2017

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