Following the paths of the island of Pag

Published 25.01.2017

Članak je uspješno poslan na upisanu adresu.

Greška prilikom slanja, molimo pokušajte ponovo.

Discover the natural, cultural and culinary features of the island of Pag through tasting of olive oil in the ancient Lun olive grove, tasting of Pag cheese and wine, as well as daily visits to the local restaurants with traditional island cuisine.

Olive oil is the basis of the island’s diet, while the botanical reserve of olives, situated in the village of Lun, is one and only in the world in terms of its age, size and diversity. The location of the island made Pag to an island of salt (Pag saltworks). Strong bora winds build up salt rich in minerals on pastures and medicinal herbs, which are the food of Pag sheep, resulting in two most famous island specialties: cheese and lamb. Visit the sunken ancient city of Cissa, and the city of Pag. Learn about the island crafts and customs, among which the lace-making. Feel the thread of time passing over your fingers while the famous Pag lace is made.


Main activities / attractions : sightseeing of the millennial Lun olive grove; visit to the cheese factory Gligor and cheese tasting; wine tasting and lunch at the tavern Boškinac; boat excursion: following the trails of the Roman city of Cissa; swimming at the beach Caska; sightseeing of the city of Pag

Tourist packages range from three to seven days. The basic activities program for a seven-day package includes: Day 1: sightseeing of olive groves and oil tasting, lunch in Lun; Day 2: visiting the cheese factory Gligora and tasting, sightseeing and lunch at the Prtorić farm; Day 3: wine tasting and lunch at the Boškinac tavern; Day 4: swimming, lunch at the restaurant Žal; Day 5: city of Pag, lunch at the restaurant Figurica; Day 6: boat excursion; Day 7: Vrsar- Rovinj; Day 8: Rovinj. The packages are available from April 1st until June 20th and from September 1st until November 1st for groups of 8 to 100 persons. Accommodation is available in rural guesthouses and hotels on the island of Pag. Transfer individual or arranged by the agency. Professional guides available in Croatian, English, German or Italian language. Other languages available. Please contact us for the final quote. Photography: TB Pag, TB Novalja, TB Kolan

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Published 25.01.2017

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