Blend of Antiquity and the island of Lošinj

Published 25.01.2017

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Perceive the island of Lošinj through experience of antiquity! Join us on the roads of Apoxiomenos and experience the magic of Lošinj through a unique blend of modern and historical.

Greet the sun and enjoy the sunset at the belvedere Providenca above the island of Mali Lošinj with snacks and fine wine and breathtaking views. Get familiar with the Antiquity through the interactive content of the Museum of Apoxiomenos, followed by dinner, which will – through the contemporary interpretation of foods typical of that period – give you a closer insight into the flavors and fully depict life in the era of Apoxiomenos. To complement the Antique experience, we have prepared a brief lecture and workshop on natural cosmetics - making face cream containing organic ingredients from the island under the professional guidance of an aromatherapist. As a remembrance gift, you will get the face cream that you have created, as well as a recipe for the process of making.


Main activities / attractions : Greeting to the Sun and enjoying the sunset at the belvedere of Providenca; visit to the Museum of Apoxiomenos, learning about the Antiquity through interactive content; workshop and a brief lecture on natural cosmetics, making a face cream

Three-day tourist packages. The basic activities program for an eight-day package includes: Day 1: arrival and accommodation, sunset at the belvedere along with snacks and wine; sightseeing of the path for experiencing the Antique; drinks at the café Saturn; Day 2: easy cycling tour along the sea, stories and legends of the island; visiting the Museum of Apoxiomenos; dinner inspired by the Antique in the restaurant Deveron; Day 3: lecture on natural cosmetics, making hand cream. The packages are available throughout the year for groups of 7 to 25 persons. The accommodation is available in accommodation facilities with three stars. Transfer for groups of over 40 persons arranged by the agency. It is possible to rent a bike or use your own. Professional guides available in Croatian, English or Italian language. Other languages available on request. The information contained herein is indicative and non-binding. Please contact us for the final quote. Photograpy: TB Mali Lošinj

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Published 25.01.2017

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