A look into history through the Čiovo shrines

Published 25.06.2012

Članak je uspješno poslan na upisanu adresu.

Greška prilikom slanja, molimo pokušajte ponovo.

The cultural and historical heritage of the city of Trogir is very rich. Adding to the beautiful nature it is located in, this charming city is blessed with many gifts. Follow the old old roads of history, the culture of Trogir and the island of Čiovo, and discover the unbeleivable nature of central Dalmatia’s cultural heritage. Trogir is special for its sculpted stone, a beauty and value which led UNESCO to put Trogir’s historic center on its world heritage list.

Witness the spirituality of the people from this region and visit St. Ante sanctuary on Drid Hill near Trogir, and discover why the people of this region have been infl uenced by the saints and the Mother of God, as they are still today. Trogir is proudly ornamented with more than twenty eight campaniles of churches and chapels, including the bell-tower of St.Lawrence Cathedral, whose Romanesque portal originates from the year 1240 and is a masterpiece of the sculptor Radovan. This will take your breath away, as will the beauty of the rest of Trogir. 

Main activities / attractions : sightseeing tour of the Lady of Prizidnica’s shrine on Čiovo island, sanctuary of the Holy Cross and St. Ante sanctuary on Drid near Trogir; visit to the Cathedral of St.Lawrence with its Romanesque portal; sightseeing tour of the house of the marine family Moretti

Tourist packages can range from 1 - 3 days. The activity programme for a 3 day package includes: Days 1 - 3: activities in Trogir. Packages are available throughout the year, for groups of between 4 - 40 people. Accommodation is provided at private accommodation and at 3 star hotels. Transport is provided by us, by van, bus or minibus. Professional guides are available in Croatian, English, and other languages upon request. All information provided is of a general character only and is not binding, and it is therefore necessary to request a final offer.

Published 25.06.2012

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