ISO 9001

The implementation and certification of quality management system in accordance with the international standard ISO 9001:2008

The Association of Croatian Travel Agencies, in cooperation with the business assurance company Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance and consulting company IQ d.o.o., launched in 2012 the project on implementation and certification of quality management system in accordance with the international standard ISO 9001:2008
ISO 9001:2008 is the most widespread and the most recognizable quality management system, applicable to any organization regardless of its size, legal form or business activity. The introduction of a documented system is important for business for several reasons, primarily for possible cost reduction; easier passing on the knowledge to new employees; simplification of procedures relevant to the business; regular monitoring of the quality of service
providers as well as our own services, customer satisfaction and quality of work and satisfaction of the employees.
At the same time, possessing a quality certification is not only of great importance in applying to a variety of projects, but also in marketing – in communication with the customers and partners who recognize the difference in doing business with travel agencies that possess this certification from those who do not.
In order to get a travel agency successfully implement the quality system in its business, it is necessary to satisfy the basic prerequisite that includes support of the management and understanding the importance of implementation of quality system in the business.
Teamwork and commitment of all the employees is crucial, however, if there is a lack of motivation, personal attitude and desire for positive changes, the system cannot successfully keep up for a long term due to lack of perseverance in its implementation.
UHPA started the intense application of the project on implementation and certification of quality management system during the 2013, when three cycles of workshops for employees from over fifty agencies involved in the project
were held. During these workshops, a team consisting of UHPA office and employees of the agencies involved in the project started preparing the documentation according to the standard requirements, defining the working procedures and processes in travel agencies’ business, and through the exchange of experiences they got the first ideas on how to improve their own business. These are the agencies that, together with the UHPA office, shared the biggest burden of preparing the documentation.
The workshops were followed by training of quality managers and audit managers, preparation of documentation, implementation in the agencies, internal audits and, finally, the certification audits of the UHPA office and agencies involved.
Following the certification audits, i.e., audits performed by third parties, with the goal to verify the compliance of the system with the required standards, the certification company awarded the UHPA office and 76 travel agencies – members with quality certification. In the entire procedure, it is important to highlight that UHPA is the first professional association in Croatia and one of the few professional associations in the world who has decided, together with its members, to implement - by the so-called multi site principle - the ISO quality management
The standard was implemented not only in its business, but also in the specific business of its members, travel agencies as individual business entities, which was certainly not an easy task.
Travel agencies that have successfully implemented a quality system in their business will experience a significant change in a few years, and the same will be primarily reflected in a faster responding to the needs of the market and customer requirements; achieving better communication and cooperation within the agency; reduce errors in their daily work as well as the number of complaints. These travel agencies will generally develop a culture of quality that will be visible both internally within the agency itself, but also externally to customers, partners and suppliers.
For implementation of the project, UHPA received the support of the Ministry of Tourism.
Activities comprised by the project on implementation of quality management system will continue being among the priorities within the association, and the results of performed activities were recognized as basis in helping the members to achieve a more competitive business on the territory of EU, but also in other markets.

Results of the project are quality certifications awarded to the Office of the Association of Croatian Travel Agencies and travel agencies

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