Specialization of travel agencies


Through our daily work, we encourage our members to participate in vocational training, we educate them to take care of the quality and to appreciate human resources and invest in them, all with the goal of being the very best in their respective fields. Therefore, in cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism we have started the new project - Specialization of travel agencies by topics, regions and niche markets.  In cooperation with local and foreign experts, we started working actively on developing a platform for the specialization of travel agencies, and today we can boast thirteen specializations that focus on particularly significant areas of tourism: ornithology, geology, archeology, botany, religious tourism, sports tourism, DMC, school trips travel, professional congress organization (PCO), private accommodations, adventure travel tourism, gourmet travel tourism and foreign travel markets.

Our specialized travel agencies are signatories to the Code of Ethics and meet all the specific business criteria, which require the agencies to implement a quality-management system according to the standard ISO 9001:2008, Travelife-engaged phase and to work according to the principles of corporate social responsibility.

On the following pages we present 51 travel agencies, which have met those criteria as trusted specialists. Due to the fact that process of specialization is a time consuming process, an updated list of specialists can be found at www.uhpa.hr.