PCO specialists


Travel agencies specializing in PCO (Professional Congress Organizer) must constantly strive to enhance their performance. It's their mission to elevate the quality of service ever higher. Additionally, they must continually introduce innovations and solutions that respond to trends in order to withstand the increasingly robust foreign competition. Given the awareness of that situation--and encouraged by our members--we thus formed a group of experts for the purpose of defining the criteria for specialization. These criteria are set high enough to protect clients, but they're still adaptable to the conditions and size of the domestic market. Moreover, specialists are signatories to the Code of Ethics, a document critical to the business of PCO agencies. Based on the Code, they're required to operate in accordance with the rules of their profession. The Code emphasizes the protection of customer data and funds, the avoidance of conflicts of interest, and the provision of information to potential customers under the principles of integrity, respect, honesty and credibility.


Professional Congress Organizer 2016/2018 are:


A.T.I. d.o.o.

Professional Congress Organizer (PCO),Redovni član
Zadarska 15 Pula
Telefon: +385 52 223400 E-mail: vesna@ati-pula.com

Filida - putnička agencija d.o.o.

Professional Congress Organizer (PCO),Redovni član
Park Kate Šoljić 3 Zagreb
Telefon: +385 1 4616520 E-mail: info@filidatravel.hr

Ilirija d.d. – Ilirija Travel

Professional Congress Organizer (PCO),Redovni član
Tina Ujevića 7 Biograd na moru
Telefon: +385 23 383556 E-mail: sales@ilirija-travel.com

Kompas Zagreb d.d.

Professional Congress Organizer (PCO),Redovni član
Ede Murtića 4 Zagreb
Telefon: +385 1 4882500 E-mail: kompas@kompas.hr; marketing@kompas.hr

Penta d.o.o.

Professional Congress Organizer (PCO),Redovni član
Izidora Kršnjavoga 25 Zagreb
Telefon: +385 1 4553290 E-mail: penta@penta-zagreb.hr

Spektar putovanja d.o.o.

Professional Congress Organizer (PCO),Redovni član
Strossmayerov trg 8 Zagreb
Telefon: +385 1 4897999 E-mail: spektar-putovanja@zg.t-com.hr