Gourmet Travel Specialists

Croatia has more to offer than abundant landscapes, natural springs and a stunning coastline. It's also rich in the flavor and aroma of authentic local products. The recipes have been passed down from generation to generation as cherished cultural possessions, the love for which has been woven into the flavors of our wines and cuisine. However, the most important aspect is that those flavors have been nurtured by the climate we enjoy. Ten dishes have been designated as part of our Croatian intangible cultural heritage, and a considerable number of dishes and wines have been labeled "originally Croatian" or "Croatian quality." Moreover, there are many excellent restaurants to enjoy. Quality rural tourism is developing rapidly. Family and countryside households are spreading fast, the roads of vineyard tourism are marked, and the number of manufacturers of top-quality wines, cheeses and oils is increasing dramatically. Of course, all this and much more is known to our agencies. As experts in gourmet tourism, their mission is to introduce each guest to the charming flavors and aromas of Croatia.  


UHPA Gourmet Travel Specialists 2014/2015 are:


Authentica d. o. o.

Gourmet Travel,Active Member
Poljička cesta-Dočine 1, 21310 Omiš
Telefon: +38521757871 E-mail: info@authentica.hr

Etno art travel - Malo selo d.o.o.

Gourmet Travel,Active Member
Vladimira Nazora 22 Lopatinec
Telefon : +385 40 856333 E-mail : etnoart@etnoart-travel.com

Fiore d.o.o.

Gourmet Travel,Active Member
Mate Vlašića 6 Poreč
Telefon : +385 52 431397 E-mail : info@fiore.hr


Ilijada d.o.o.

Gourmet Travel,Active Member
Kralja Zvonimira 14/IV, 21000 Split
Telefon: +385 99 5752754 E-mail: info@croatia-food-and-wine.com

Ilirija d.d. – Ilirija Travel

Gourmet Travel,Active Member
Tina Ujevića 7 Biograd na moru
Telefon : +385 23 383556 E-mail : sales@ilirija-travel.com

Radmanove Milinice - Kaštel Slanica

Gourmet Travel,Active Member
Poljički trg 2 Omiš
Telefon : +385 21 862238 E-mail : info@radmanove-mlinice.hr

Shuttle d.o.o. - putnička agencija

Gourmet Travel,Active Member
Ruđera Boškovića 15-Kaleta 1 Split
Telefon : +385 98234913 E-mail : info@shuttle.hr

Tureta travel d.o.o.

Gourmet Travel,Active Member
Davorina Bazjanca 29 Zagreb
Telefon : +385 1 6011648 E-mail : info@tureta-travel.com

Ventula Travel d.o.o.

Gourmet Travel,Active Member
Kralja Zvonimira 14/IV, 21000 Split
Telefon : +385 21 218181 E-mail : info@ventula-travel.com