Private Accommodation Specialists

The area of private accommodations is one of the largest, most complex forms of accommodation in Croatia. Therefore, we have started the specialization of travel agencies in this field as well. In Croatia, the owners of private lodgings are mostly citizens whose main activity is not renting. Thus the travel agencies play a leading role here, essentially acting as brokers in the sale of private accommodations. It is necessary that such specialist travel agencies publish, in their marketing materials, only faithful descriptions of the services offered. They must act professionally and properly toward the customers, and they must practice corporate social responsibility. Among our members, a handful of agencies are highlighted as the best organizers in the field of private accommodations. 


Private Accommodation Specialists are:

Adria day d.o.o.

Maršala Tita 56, Opatija
Telefon: +385 51 582038 E-mail: info@adriaday.com

Adriagate d.o.o.

Vukovarska 156 Split
Telefon: +385 21 271870 E-mail: info@adriagate.com

Arlen turizam d.o.o.

Vukovarska 26 Poreč
Telefon: +385 52 453145 E-mail: arlen@arlen.hr

El-Pi tours d.o.o.

Sveti Vid 202 Malinska
Telefon: +385 51 859770 E-mail: office@elpi-tours.com

Mare tours

Pojana 4 Vrbnik
Telefon: +385 51 604400 E-mail: info@mare-vrbnik.com

Maricom d.o.o.

S. Radića 2 Pag
Telefon: +385 23 612266 E-mail: maricom@zd.t-com.hr

Olivari d.o.o.

Dubašljanska 111 Malinska
Telefon: +385850000 E-mail: info@olivari-travel.com

Online Croatia d.o.o.

Ćira Carića 3 Dubrovnik
Telefon: +385 20 435555 E-mail: info@online-croatia.com

Sunturist d.o.o.

Kranjčevićeva bb Novalja
Telefon: +385 53 661211 E-mail: sunturist@gs.t-com.hr

T.A. Šiltourist

Na vodici 2 Šilo
Telefon: +385 51 860171 E-mail: siloturist@ri.t-com.hr

Uniline d.o.o.

S. Dobricha 16 Pula
Telefon: +385 52 390000 E-mail: uniline@uniline.hr