IATA: The recovery of international travel to take longer than expected


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Short trips will be quicker to recover than long haul travels

In their latest update, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) published data showing that international air transport is taking longer to recover than initially expected.

Global tourism traffic will not return to its pre-COVID state before 2024 which is a year later than was originally thought. Short trips are expected to recover quicker than long haul travels.

In June 2020 international transport dropped by 96.8% compared to June 2019. European transporters recorded a drop of 96.7%, Asian transporters fell by 97.1% while North American transporters dropped 97.2%, all in June.

The numbers indicate a slower recovery than expected. IATA´s pessimistic outlook on international transport recovery takes into account a number of different factors, but they especially emphasize the sluggish subduing of the pandemic in the USA and in countries with developing economies, less business travel and the weakened confidence of consumers.

Following from these factors, IATA revisited their earlier projections and are now expecting a global air traffic drop of at least 55%, as opposed to their earlier prediction of 46%. In spite of the many drops, they anticipate that the number of passengers will increase by 62% in 2021, still almost 30% less than in 2019. The global recovery will not be complete until 2024, a year later than originally projected.

IATA’s analysis and comprehensive presentation are accessible online.

Source and photo: IATA


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