Tourists Delighted by Hotel Esplanade in Zagreb


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Compared to last year, the Esplanade has recorded a 40 percent increase in demand

Hotel Esplanade in Zagreb, UHPA's associate member, is operating with remarkable results, recording a 40 percent increase in demand compared to the same period last year. The hotel operates as a socially responsible entity, supporting a number of charity, sport, social and cultural projects of the city of Zagreb, and investing in the positioning of Zagreb as a luxury market destination.

"This year, the Esplanade is exceding all operating expectations - the first five months saw an increase of 4 percent in overnights, and 11 percent in revenue for the same period, while prices increased by 7 percent. We are seeing a 40 percent larger interest in booking, for the whole year. Forecasts for the summer months are also exceding our plans, with couples and families with children showing special interest", the Esplanade Hotel General Manager, Ivica Max Krizmanić explained.

He attributes part of the rise in demand to the growing popularity of Zagreb as a destination, as well as the opening of the new airport, with new connections to new markets. He is confident the Esplanade will be full to capacity in the first six months of the year.

"Most of our guests come from the United States, around 12 percent, followed by those from Britain, Germany and France. Overall 70 percent of our guests hail from Europe, while the Americas, Brazil and Mexico hold around 14 percent, Asia 10 percent and the Far East around 5 percent.",  states Krizmanić, adding that the first five months have also seen business group bookings increase too (around 60 percent).

VIsitors come to the hotel informed about the city's events and attractions, and are bothered most by the state of some of the building fronts and the presence of grafitti. The wealthier guests are disappointed by the absence of the larger luxury brands, but are thrilled by the rest of the city, its people, its green areas, its architecture, traffic connections, festivals, cleanliness and particulary - by the sense of security in the city, which they deem especially important for a relaxing holiday. 


Source: MINT (Hina)

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