Via Dinarica Trail Presented in Bruxelles


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Designed to promote hiking tourism, sustainability and local production, the project has been nominated for ‘’The European Citizen’s Prize (ECP)’’ awarded by the European Parliament.

On Tuesday, June 20th ‘’The European Citizen’s Prize (ECP)’’ nominated Via Dinarica project was presented at the European Parliament in Bruxelles.
Via Dinarica is an international project designed to promote hiking tourism, sustainability and local production, and aimed at contributing to the social and economic development of the Dinaride area. Additionally, one of its goals is to strenghten the infrastructure of the area and provide support to local producers and service providers in rural and less developed areas on the trail.
The project involves travel agencies, producers and associations from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia. In Croatia, Via Dinarica has 57 stages, and includes six national parks, four nature parks, two nature reserves and numerous nature attractions.
On Monday, June 19th - the day before the presentation - the "ViaDinarica - Connecting Naturally" exhibit was opened, featuring 80 photographs, with plans for staging the exhibit at various locations in Croatia already in place.
The two-day event ended with a gathering at the Croatian Chamber of Commerce headquarters in Bruxelles, with the goal of bringing together business representatives, predominantly travel agents, from both Croatia and the countries of Benelux.
More information is available here.
Source: HINA

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