Europa Park in Rust dedicates a part to Croatia

Europa Park in Rust, is Germany's most famous amusement park and the second most visited in Europe with 6 million guests annually

Europa Park in Rust, is Germany's most famous amusement park and the second most visited in Europe with 6 million guests annually, mainly from Germany, France, and Switzerland. There’s even a special section in the park dedicated to Croatia! The Park covers almost one million square metres and has over 100 attractions, including exhilarating roller coasters and a variety of incredible experiences in its 16 themed areas.  

The owners of Europa Park, the Mack family, decided to build a new themed area dedicated to Croatia which will be opened in 2024. For this season, from the 25th March, there will be a Croatian cinema called "Traumzeitdome Kroatien". The cinema has 3D technology and will offer visitors the opportunity to visit Croatia virtually, showcasing some of the country’s highlights, such as the walls of Dubrovnik, Croatian islands, national parks and nature parks, with Nikola Tesla guiding viewers through the film and his innovations.

"The location of the Park on the very German-French border, next to the cities of Freiburg and Strasbourg, makes it an ideal place to present Europe, its countries, and their cultures. It is a great honour for us that after the tenth anniversary of Croatia's accession to the European Union, and especially in the year of Croatia's entry into the Schengen area and the Eurozone, a section dedicated to Croatia is opening in such a large entertainment destination. This is a great opportunity further to promote our country in the heart of Europe," said the Director of the Croatian Tourist Board, Kristjan Staničić.
Each section of the Parkv represents a European country and gives visitors an insight into the country’s characteristics through traditional architecture and gastronomic offerings. "I am happy that an area dedicated to Croatia is opening, especially if we know that Europa Park is very popular in Germany, but also in the surrounding countries, and this will certainly have positive effects on the promotion of Croatia in Germany, Switzerland, and France. Within the Croatian area, we are given an ideal opportunity to creatively come into direct contact with new potential clients and families who are our primary target group of guests," concluded Romeo Draghicchio, Director of the HTZ Representative Office in Germany.

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Source: CNTB

Foto: Europa-Park