• IPA II Cross-Border Programme Croatia-Montenegro 
  • Office for cooperation with NGOs of the Government of Croatia 

Project consortium: 

  • Montenegro: Municipality of Tivat, Local tourist organization Tivat, Municipal Services of Tivat; 
  • Croatia: Association of Croatian Travel Agencies, Agro-tourism Association Konavle, Regional Development Agency of Dubrovnik-Neretva County DUNEA 


  • The State of Montenegro, Boka Bay, Municipality of Tivat
  • Republic of Croatia, Dubrovnik- Neretva County, Konavle Area Municipality

Duration: 24 months

Overall objective: Improved quality of life by ensuring socio-economic development through tourism and environmental protection in the joint area of Dubrovnik- Neretva County and Boka Bay 

Specific objective: Expand and make better use of diverse sustainable special interest tourism offer through joint actions in the cross border territories of the municipalities of Tivat and Konavle 

Target groups: 5 000 tourists in both areas, 6 tourism organisations, 20 travel agencies, 100 local tourism service providers 

Beneficiaries: 20 000 citizens in both areas, the municipalities of Tivat and Konavle, its tourism organizations, tour operators and travel agencies, tourism service providers, media 


  1. Special interest tourism products in Tivat and Konavle standardised and new joint products developed 
  2. Improved infrastructure for cycling tourism in Konavle and Tivat as a special interest product 
  3. Joint tourism offer promoted and contacts between stakeholders on both sides of the border area strengthened 


  • 1.1 Assessment of the potential for special interest tourism (SIT) development in the cross border area 
  • 1.2 Education of tourism service providers on sustainability standards and the improvement of special interest tourism (SIT) branches identified though the assessment 
  • 1.2.1 Organisation of training on SIT branches 
  • 1.2.2 Joint study trip to Istria, best practice in CBC tourism development 
  • 1.2.3 Introduction of sustainability standards for travel companies and suppliers 
  • 1.3 Development of the joint tourism programme “Discover Cross-Border Routes and Itineraries” 
  • 2.1 Elaboration of feasibility study and technical design for improvement of cycling infrastructure in Tivat 
  • 2.2 Improvement of signalization and arrangement of rural cycling paths in Konavle 
  • 2.3 Mapping and GPS tracking of cycling routes in Tivat and Konavle 
  • 2.4 Procurement of bicycles and electrical bicycles in Tivat and Konavle
  • 3.1 Developing the presentation of the joint tourism offer online 
  • 3.2 Printing of promotional material 
  • 3.3 Organisation of joint special interest tourism events in Konavle and Tivat 
  • 3.3.1 Familiarization trip 
  • 3.3.2 Closing events with cycling race

A joint two-year project of UHPA and the Municipality of Tivat, Montenegro aims to expand and make better use of the diverse sustainable special interesm tourist offer through joint actions on the cross border territories of Croatia and Montenegro. The infrastructure for cycling tourism will be improved, special interest tourism products will be standardised and new joint products developed as well as joint tourism offer promoted. The project received financial support from the IPA Cross-border Programme Croatia-Montenegro and the Croatian Office for Cooperating with NGOs. The project is worth 351.847,01 EUR.

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