Over the years, UHPA has dedicated its project activities to furthering socially responsible business practices and to sustainable tourism development. With the aim of making both members and the tourism industry in Croatia aware of how managing business operations in a socially and environmentally mindful manner makes business sense, UHPA has also contributed to the continued rise of user demand for service providers who offer sustainable products. In keeping with its mission and project orientation, UHPA has been a signatory of the UNWTO Global Code of Ethics for Tourism since 2014. 

From the very beginning, with our first EU funded project EOS CODE: Principles of sustainable business in tourism (2010) and in the years since, through our cooperation with Travelife, the world leading international initiative for training, management and certification of tourism companies dedicated to the sustainable development of tourism, we were lead by the belief that our members can achieve a comparative market advantage by operating in line with the principles of socially responsible business management. Thanks to an internationally recognized and locally adapted innovative training scheme, Croatian travel agencies and tour operators are ensured continuous support in upgrading their capacities in the field of socially responsible sustainable business management in their daily operations. This in turn contributes to strengthening the company's reputation and image, adds to the satisfaction and devotion of clients and partners, preserves cultural and natural heritage, improves the lives of local communities, attracts highly skilled employees, incurs positive business results and ultimately makes the company more viable on international markets.

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