As per Article 19 of the UHPA Statute, UHPA's General Assembly adopted the following UHPA CODE OF ETHICS on March 24th 2017 in Biograd na Moru:

1.1. UHPA members commit to uphold the universally accepted high ethical standards stipulated in the UNWTO Global Code of Ethics for Tourism which was adopted on October 1st 1999 and of which UHPA is a signatory.

1.2. UHPA members commit to uphold the universally accepted standards of corporate social responsibility with the aim of promoting sustainable tourism, with emphasis on the protection of human and labour rights, the environment and on limiting corruption.

1.3. In approaching their customers, UHPA members will exceed the standard consumer rights protections prescribed as legal minimums, primarily by: informing their customers in a timely and orderly fashion about the content and value of offered products and services; mindfully selecting service suppliers; protecting service user rights and interests, which may – directly or indirectly – come under threat during travel.

1.4. In approaching their suppliers, UHPA members will apply the highest business partner standards and practices, especially in terms of the timely fulfilment of financial obligations, avoiding any form of supplier discrimination or inappropriate advantage gain based on rank.

1.5. In approaching other travel agencies, UHPA members will apply high business practice standards, especially in the sense of avoiding any type of vilification, conflict, pressure to conclude or terminate contracts, manipulation of service terms, or causing damage by spreading false or unverified information, so as to gain clients and service users especially.

1.6. In their daily operations, UHPA members commit to life-long learning, improving staff competences and advancing quality management continually, especially in the field of risk management, consumer rights, environmental protections and in sustaining service quality generally.

1.7. In their public relations and communication processes, UHPA members commit to high business and public communication standards, specifically to avoiding the spread of false, unverified information and argumentative messaging, especially if doing so can potentially cause anyone material and / or non-material harm.

1.8. In the event of a Code violation resulting from the negligence of an employee, the members of UHPA will, as soon as they become aware of the violation, act to rectify and compensate any damage suffered by the injured party and initiate the necessary proceedings against the employee in violation of the provisions of this Code.

1.9. In the event of a Code violation from a member of UHPA and/or from persons responsible for representing UHPA members, proceedings will be initiated for non-compliance with the acts of the association, i.e. for damaging the reputation of UHPA, as is prescribed by the UHPA Statute.