Duration: November 2012 - November 2014

Project Lead: Association of Croatian Travel Agencies (UHPA)

Partners: ECEAT (Netherlands), ABTA (Great Britain), PIT (Poland), HATTA (Greece), LC (Latvia)

UHPA was the leading partner in the joint effort of the business and education sectors to promote sustainability in Croatia, Greece, Latvia, Poland, the Netherlands and Great Britain. In a two-year project, eleven educational institutions and seven national tourism associations in partnership with more than 200 travel agencies accepted the Travelife system.

Travelife is a training management system and certification initiative for tourism companies committed to achieving sustainability. It is primarily focused on hotels, accommodation providers, tour operators and travel agencies.

More than 50 travel agencies have implemented a sustainability management system, 94 hotels have received the Travelife certificate, and more than 750 personal certificates for Travelife sustainability managers have been distributed. During the training, more than 600 students developed new knowledge and competences for sustainability in tourism. More than 80 examples of good practice from travel agencies from Croatia, Greece, Latvia, Poland, the Netherlands and Great Britain were collected.

The project is worth EUR 322,562.23, and was financed through the Lifelong Education Program Leonardo da Vinci - Transfer of Innovations. The project was co-financed and supported by the Office for Associations and the Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Croatia. The implementation of the project was evaluated with a grade of 9 out of 10 and was included as a Croatian example of good practice in the publication of the UN Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE "10 years of the UNECE Strategy for Education for Sustainable Development". In addition, it was selected as an example of good practice of the Agency for mobility and EU programs and presented as an example of good practice at the conference "The EU's Tourism Education & Training Offer – a mapping exercise and performance check".


CSR TOUR // Corporate Social Responsibility Training and Certification in the Travel Sector //  Project Nr: 2012-1-HR1-LEO05-01703