Founded in 1992, UHPA - or the Association of Croatian Travel Agencies, has grown to become Croatia’s leading and most influential trade associations, representing the professional interests of travel agents, tour operators and other tourism service providers.

For 30 years, UHPA has remained true to the mission and vision outlined by its founding members.

Today, UHPA members, over 230 travel agencies, tour and online operators, intermediaries and wholesalers, shoulder over 50% of the overall organized tourism turnover in Croatia. UHPA also represents over a 100 associated members hailing from the hospitality industry, transportation companies, tourist boards, associations, attractions, educational institutions and various other tourism suppliers.

Internationally, UHPA also stands for member interests, aligning itself with the world’s most prominent tourism organizations and industry associations. UHPA is a member of ECTAA and nurtures long-standing reciprocal relationships with the most powerful European and non-European associations of travel agencies such as ABTTA, ACTA, AČCKA, ANVR, ASR, ASTA, ATTA, JATA, MUISZ, SACKA, SRF, YUTA and ZTAS.

UHPA has initiated and implemented, independently or in partnership with various professional associations in Great Britain, the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Greece, Latvia, Bulgaria, Italy, Belgium, Montenegro, Slovenia and Croatia, a number of projects aimed at developing corporate social responsibility, innovative tourism products, strengthening competences, enhancing service and business operation quality and the competitiveness of its members.

UHPA was actively involved in drafting Croatia’s Strategy for the Sustainable Development of Tourism 2030. We work closely with the Croatian Ministry of Tourism and Sport and the Croatian National Tourist Board on various other projects too. Our collaborations aim to increase the number of organized visits and overnight stays in the pre and post-season through the development of special interest market offers and the operation of destination management companies. These endeavours also make a point of promoting sustainable business models and the improvement of service quality. Additionally, UHPA obligates its members to a strict Code of Ethics, fulfilling its mission to contribute to the responsible development of Croatian tourism and ensuring Croatian travel agencies have that competitive edge.

Following the abrupt cease of travel in 2020 and in light of the on-going health crisis and economic uncertainty, travel agents continue to operate under pressure. In an effort to remedy the negative impacts of the pandemic, as an association with a long tradition of advocating for Croatian tourism, UHPA has been out-spoken about the position of struggling travel agents and their role in developing a more inclusive, sustainable and sound future of tourism.

There is no doubt that travel agents and tour operators are already playing a crucial role in recovering tourism flows. Being the first in line to communicate with end users, they hold the keys to re-building consumer confidence in a way that not only restores their trust in the value chain, but also reduces the negative impacts of tourism on the environment and helps local communities grow. We at UHPA are strongly committed to supporting our members in developing this resiliency and we will continue to look for ways to raise their operating standards on that path. In doing so, UHPA contributes to building the overall quality of Croatian tourism and the strength of the country’s economy.

After firmly defending the profession of travel agents and tour operators for 30 years, UHPA continues to pave the way toward progress in tourism, maintaining its position, relevance and strength. The UHPA office, with its six employees and several external associates, is committed to fulfilling the association’s purpose. We believe our activities shape the service quality of tourism products and contribute to the professional success of our members.

As an industry that runs on live, human contact and interaction, in a crisis such as the one upon us know - much like the one UHPA emerged from in the midst of an unfortunate war - we need to come together. We have seen it work before, and it will no doubt work again. We will rebuild, better and stronger, together.

It is with confidence that we therefore invite you to choose one of our active or associated members as your trusted business partners in Croatia.