UHPA Directory

The UHPA Directory publication is a unique, one of a kind directory of Croatian agencies, travel organizers, presented by region and specialty, intended for potential foreign partners, as well as for tourists. The publication contains English texts and information for travel organizers and travel agencies (about UHPA, B2B Inbound/Outbound, addresses, information and outlines of UHPA members’ operations, general information about Croatia, a list of the Croatian National Tourist Board branch offices abroad and other useful information).

The publication is distributed free of charge at all tourism fairs, presentations and special events in Croatia and throughout the world, in which the representatives of the Croatian National Tourist Board and UHPA take part. Additionally, it is also distributed for promotional purposes to foreign trade associations, branch offices of the Croatian National Tourist Board, economic, diplomatic and consular representative offices in Croatia and abroad, the Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Croatia and to other institutions, organizations, companies and individuals in Croatia and abroad.

The UHPA Directory is available in digital and printed formats to make its distribution as accessible as possible, meeting the needs and emerging global changes of the B2B and B2C tourism market.

The most recent editions are available here: