One of UHPA’s main tasks is to work continuously on improving the HR potential of member agencies, as well as of other key tourism stakeholders: tourism boards, public institutions, associations, educational institutions, various  travel service providers etc.

Over the years, UHPA has focused its project activities on socially responsible business models and the sustainable development of tourism. It all started in 2010 with our first EU project EOS CODE: Principles of sustainable business in tourism, evolving to a fully-fledged cooperation with Travelife, the world’s leading initiative for training, management and certification of travel companies dedicated to the sustainable development of tourism.

Our members recognized the value of our project activities by participating in our workshops, applying the acquired knowledge in their operations and sharing their experiences and expertise with others. UHPA projects are also recognized for their tourism policy value in the Republic of Croatia and they contribute to the quality of the sustainable development of tourism in our country. The vast majority has drawn support from key institutions – the Ministry of Tourism, the Croatian National Tourist Board and the various EU bodies.

We are especially proud of two UHPA projects that were named best practice examples, in the field of life-long learning and special interest tourism development:

The Training and Certification of Corporate Social Responsibility in Tourism (CSR TOUR)

  • included as a case study in the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe’s publication - "10 years of the UNECE Strategy for Education for Sustainable Development"

  • selected as an example of best practice by the Agency for Mobility and EU Programs

  • best practice example at the conference "The EU's Tourism Education & Training Offer – a Mapping Exercise and Performance Check"

Project "Discover Croatia"

  • selected as a best practice example in the evaluation "Enhancing the Competitiveness of Tourism in the EU – An Evaluation Approach to Establishing 20 Cases of Innovation and Good Practice"

The association is currently participating in the implementation of 2 EU projects:

Within the framework of the EU COSME programme, as a project partner, UHPA is currently participating in the implementation of the project "SUSTOUR - Promoting Sustainability Among European Touroperators Through a Business Led Approach". SUSTOUR aims to foster the capacities and skills of 175+ touroperators (SME’s) to implement training, management systems, standards and solutions, which will improve their sustainable management and performance and open up new market opportunities.

Within the framework of the European Social Fund and the Efficient Human Resources Operational Program 2014-2020, as a project partner, UHPA is currently participating in the implementation of the project "Social Entrepreneurship in Tourism – An Innovative Voluntourism Product". The project is set to develop a sustainable tourism product, encourage the development of sustainable practices and contribute to improving the cooperation between for-profit, public and non-profit sectors in developing new vacation and travel concepts and increasing the employability of young, unemployed, highly educated people in a predominantly traditional region abundant in natural attractions and preserved surroundings. The implementation of the project will further the cooperation between key stakeholders in the field of social entrepreneurship, sustainable tourism and volunteer tourism, so as to inform the target groups and the general public about this unique form of building community and entrepreneurship in Croatia.

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