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Dear colleagues, dear friends,

The beginning of the agency's operations in Croatia goes back 90 years ago, precisely from 1923. So, Croatia is one of the few countries in the world that, as in other segments of the tourism industry, can boast of a long tradition of agency operations. Such a long continuity testifies the importance of the local agency's operations and efforts the tourism professionals have invested in the development of Croatian tourism.

On the occasion of 90 years of the agency's operations in Croatia, the Association of Croatian Travel Agencies organizes an international conference. The sponsor of the conference is Croatian Ministry of Tourism.

The conference is being organized for the purpose of better understanding of the historical role and importance of the agency's operations in the development of tourism from 1923 to date, and considering the prospects of further successful development of the agency's operations both globally and in Croatia. The conference will be held on the 4th December 2013 in Malinska (Island of Krk, Croatia) at the 15th Travel & Trade Fair WAY/PUT at which it is expected more than 200 participants from Croatia and abroad.

The conference will bring together experts and scientists involved in the research of tourism, particularly the agency business, professionals who deal with aspects of the problem and the implementation of innovative technologies in travel agencies operation, representatives of the tourism industry ( owners and managers of travel agencies , hotels, restaurants , and directors of marketing, sales, IT, etc.), representatives of tourist boards, chambers of commerce, professional associations in the tourism industry, educational institutions, representatives of state and local government, and other participants whose area of ​​activity or interest is related to tourism.

We hope that the conference will be another opportunity for the further successful development of tourism agencies and the overall Croatian tourism and we look forward to welcome you in Malinska.

Boris Žgomba                                                                                                          Zeljko Trezner
President                                                                                                                Director