New CNTB Director Elected


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Among seven applicants for the position, Kristjan Stančić was named the new CNTB Director

The Committee for the implementation of the Public Tender for the position of the Director of the Croatian National Tourist Board unanimously named Kristjan Stančić as the new director of the CNTB main office.


The Council session was chaired by the minister for tourism and president of CNTB, Mr. Gari Cappelli, who said Staničić was a true professional with many years of experience in tourism, expressing his confidence that he will give a great boost to further the positioning of Croatia as one of the world's most attractive destinations. He also made a point of the fact that Croatia has great potential for growth and development through joint cooperation, making the country competitive in global terms.

The newly elected CNTB director, Kristjan Stančić stated that the corner stone of his work will be the implementation of two previously adopted strategic documents - the Strategy for Tourism Development and the Strategic Marketing Plan of Croatian Tourism for the 2014-2020 time period. He is expected to take up office mid-July. Mr. Stančić made a point of thanking the members of CNTB Council and the minister personally for their support and vote of confidence, saying he has collaborated fruitfully with Mr. Cappelli previously.


Source: MINT (HINA)

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