About us



UHPA is a voluntary national trade association of Croatian travel agencies, registered also as an employer's association. Our active members, namely travel agencies, meet all of the business requirements prescribed by the Law on delivering services in tourism, as well as all additional requirements for UHPA’s membership. Our members realize most of the organised tourist traffic in Croatia together with our associate members (leading hotel companies, national airline, car rental companies, professional education, tourist boards, etc.).

Given that each member must comply with our membership requirements, we strongly recommend you to entrust them with your precious time and safety and we guarantee that they will meet your expectations, both in terms of the quality of service delivered and in terms of price. This database includes texts regarding legal regulations for the establishment and operation of travel agencies and texts regarding UHPA’s organization and operation.

Choose the services of UHPA members and travel with confidence!

Tomislav Fain,
UHPA's president